Yalda Eskandari

Zan,Zen,Zan - 2014

“Zan” in Farsi is written in three different ways (pronounced Zan,Zen,Zan) One means woman and the other two words have totally different meanings though they both are pronounced same way. The first word “Zan” means woman, second word “Zen”, means meditation and the last word “Zan” (written with different alphabet) means suspicion. Even though the meaning and pronunciations of these words are different, but in a sense they all indicate how a “woman” is truly represented in Iranian culture. In Iranian culture, a woman can be defined in different ways or better to say she can be perceived in different ways. When we look trough the history of Iranian literature, poem and even visual arts, women are being labeled as a symbol of birth, mystery, insecurity and ulterior. The aim of this project is to show how these labels are defining women today, without representing the true meaning of “womanhood”. In this project, “woman” is sometimes is portrayed as a dream , sometimes extremely real and touchable and sometimes just defined as a decorative object.
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